ANITA 2024 workshop and summer school

The 18th annual Australian National Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics science workshop will be held on 7th-9th of February 2024 at Monash University in Melbourne. The workshop aims to provide a review of theoretical astrophysics in Australia, facilitate collaboration and build the community of theoretical astrophysicists. Read more about ANITA here. As always, early career researchers are particularly encouraged to contribute talks.

The ANITA summer school on the topic of Tidal Disruption Events will be held on 5th-6th of February 2024.

ANITA Workshop 2024

The 2023 ANITA science workshop will be held on the 7th-9th of February at Monash University.

ANITA 2024 school

The 2024 ANITA summer school will run 5th-6th February at Monash University and will focus on Tidal Disruption Events, including galactic centre dynamics, gas hydrodynamics, and observational constraints.

  • Sabrina Berger (Melbourne)
  • Darren Croton (Swinburne)
  • Thor Teppper Garcia (U Sydney)
  • Evgeni Grishin (Monash)
  • Amanda Karakas (Monash)
  • Ilya Mandel (Monash)
  • Fiona Panther (UWA)
  • Greg Poole (ADACS/Swinburne)
  • Daniel Price (Monash)
  • Ivo Seitenzahl (ADFA/UNSW)