ANITA workshop 2020
ANITA 2020 workshop program

All speakers are allocated 12 minutes + 3 minutes of questions for their talk. A general purpose machine will be available but we strongly suggest bringing your own laptops, VGA/HDMI adapters and other associated dongles.

Detailed schedule:

NOTE: Schedule is near final. Please tell the SOC if you have any issues with your talk time slot.

THURSDAY - Lecture Theatre 01 (building 30)
 9:30 Ashley Ruiter, "Welcome to ANITA 2020"
 9:35 - 10:50: session 1
 session chair: Ashley Ruiter

 9:35 Mark Walker "Holography of the interstellar medium via pulsar spectroscopy"
 9:50 Daniel Price "Tidal disruption of stars by supermassive black holes" (with possible ALERT alarm interruption at 10!)
 10:05 Mike Lau "Detecting Double Neutron Stars with LISA"
 10:20 Aris Tritsis "Halo's magnetic field as evident from striated interstellar clouds (HOMERIC)"
 10:35 Fiona Panther "Thick He-shell DD or not DD: gamma-ray signatures to distinguish the progenitors of subluminous thermonuclear transients"

10:50 - 11:15: morning tea

11:15 - 12:30: session 2
session chair: Daniel Price

11:15 Ashley Ruiter "Thermonuclear explosions in white dwarfs and supernova sub-classes"
11:30 Donghee Nam "Turbulent Regulation of Star Formation"
11:45 Ayan Acharyya "Quantifying beam smearing effects on inferred metallicity gradients via synthetic IFU datacubes"
12:00 Paul Easter "Astrophysics and nuclear physics with gravitational waves from neutron star merger remnants"
12:15 James Beattie "Anisotropy and the density PDF in supersonic, highly-magnetised turbulence"
12:30 (5 mins) Daniel Price - state of ANITA

12:35 - 14:00: lunch

14:00 - 15:15: session 3
session chair: Lilia Ferrario

14:00 Benjamin Metha "Investigating the origins of gamma-ray bursts using the IllustrisTNG simulation"
14:15 Alex Kemp "Towards improved theoretical rates of novae and type Ia supernova events through population synthesis"
14:30 Cui-Ying Song "Black Hole Hyperaccretion Inflow–Outflow Model: Long-duration Gamma-Ray Bursts and Supernova 56 Ni Bumps"
14:45 Shyam Menon "The turbulence driving mode of expanding HII regions"

15:10 - 15:45: afternoon tea

15:45 - 16:45: session 4
session chair: Roland Crocker

15:45 Moritz Huebner "Measuring gravitational-wave memory in the first LIGO/Virgo gravitational-wave transient catalogue"
16:00 Meridith Joyce "3D Particle Maps from any MESA Model in a few clicks"
16:15 Vishnu Varma R Vejayan "Simulations of magnetorotational hypernovae"
16:30 - break until dinner

19:00 - late: ANITA 2020 conference dinner at Lemongrass Thai, 65 London Cct. Participants make their own way to the restaurant. 

FRIDAY - Lecture Theatre 01 (building 30)

 9:45 - 10:45: session 5
 session chair: Ivo Seitenzahl 

 9:45 Ryosuke Hirai "The history of Eta Carinae"
 10:00 Sergey Belkin "Multifrequency Observations and Discovery of the Supernova associated with GRB 181201A"
 10:15 Isabella Gerrard "The role of magnetic field structure for the formation of protostellar discs and jets"
 10:30 Evgenii Neumerzhitckii "Demo: programming a statistical model in R and Stan"
10:45 - 11:15: morning tea

11:15 - 12:30: session 6
session chair: Ilya Mandel

11:15 Lilia Ferrario "Stellar mergers in the Galaxy"
11:30 Christophe Pinte "Kinematic detection of embedded protoplanets"
11:45 Eloise Birchall "Early evolution of protostellar discs"
12:00 Lucy Strang "Plerion-like X-ray plateaux in short Gamma-Ray Bursts"
12:15 Allan Ernest "Is there a universal wavefunction?"

12:35 Group photo near the "Tree of Knowledge"

12:45 - 14:00: lunch

***vote for best student talk by SOC and session chairs***

14:00 - 15:05: session 7
session chair: Fiona Panther

14:00 Ilya Mandel "Updates on compact-object binaries"
14:15 Roland Crocker "Cosmic ray feedback in star-formation and implications for gamma-ray emission from starbursts"
14:30 Ivo Seitenzahl "Type Ia supernova remnant tomography"
14:45: Best ANITA student talk award 
14:55: Close

ANITA workshop 2020