Observing the Synthetic Universe:
Theoretical Astrophysics and The Virtual Observatory

School of Physics, University of Sydney, 28-29 January 2003

Nature of the Meeting

There is growing international and local interest in establishment of Virtual Observatories, where a wealth of astronomical information available with a few keystrokes. The Universities of Melbourne and Sydney, the ATNF & the AAO have already received ARC LIEF funding to investigate Australia's potential role in the international Virtual Observatory projects. But Virtual Observatories can be much more than giant databases of observational data. Organised by the Australian National Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics (ANITA), the goal of this workshop is to establish the role theoretical astrophysics will have in Virtual Observatories.

Topics of Discussion

  • What is a Virtual Observatory?
  • What can theoretical astrophysics add?
  • Simulation inclusion: VO Compliance
  • Observing simulations with "software telescopes"
  • Observing the future: what will new instruments see in the sky?

    The plan is to allow plenty of time for discussion of various view points. If you wish any points to be raised, please let us know.

    Workshop Details

    The ANITA workshop will be held during January 28 & 29, immediately preceding the LOFAR meeting and we invite astronomers to attend both. The workshop will be hosted at the University of Sydney, with all talks given in Lecture Theatre 2 of the Physics Building. Campus maps are available at map1 (ref J13) and map2.

    There is no registration fee, and all (observers and theorists) are welcome to attend. Lunch, tea and coffee will be provided, plus a meeting dinner will be held at a local restaurant on the 28th.

    There are plenty of motels within walking distance of the campus. For a listing see the Syndey Uni Accommodation website. Please note that the organisers cannot help with finding accommodation.


    For catering purposes, we need to know if you are coming to the meeting. Anyone wishing to attend should email Geraint Lewis (gfl@physics.usyd.edu.au) with the answer to the following questions:

  • I will attend the meeting on Jan 28 Y/N
  • I will attend the meeting on Jan 29 Y/N
  • I would like to give a short talk Y/N
  • Title of talk :

    Organising Committee

    Geraint F. Lewis (Sydney Uni): gfl@physics.usyd.edu.au
    Sarah Maddison (Swinburne Uni): smaddison@swin.edu.au

    Scientific Program

    The meeting will start at 12.15pm (for lunch) on January 28th and end at 4pm on January 29th.

    List of Attendees

    Geraint Lewis (Sydney)
    Sarah Maddison (Swinburne)
    Brad Gibson (Swinburne)
    John Lattanzio (Monash)
    Mike Dopita (RSAA)
    Geoff Bicknell (ANU)
    Gregory Tsarevsky (ATNF)
    Carole Jackson (RSAA)
    Bruce McAdam (Sydney)
    Daisuke Kawata (Swinburne)
    Alex Knebe (Swinburne)
    Vince McIntyre (ANTF)
    Lister Stavely-Smith (ATNF)
    Randall Wayth (Melbourne)
    Anne Green (Sydney)
    Annie Hughes (Swinburne)
    George "Nyima" Warr (Sydney,ATNF)
    Andrew Melatos (Melbourne)
    Dick Hunstead (Sydney)
    Diana Londish (Sydney)
    Jon Smillie (ANU)
    Tara Murphy (ROE)
    Joss Bland-Hawthorne (AAO)
    Tony Turtle (Sydney)
    Mark Wardle (Macquarie)
    David Crawford (Sydney)
    Zdenka Kuncic (Sydney)
    Mike Wheatland (Sydney)
    Andrew Jacob (Sydney)
    Michael Burton (UNSW)
    Elaine Sadler (Sydney)
    Tom Mauch (Sydney)
    Steve Ord (Swinburne)
    Miroslav Filipovic (UWS)
    Ben Chan (Sydney)
    Matthew Whiting (UNSW)

    Email Geraint Lewis for further information (gfl@physics.usyd.edu.au).