There are two classes of ANITA membership: full membership and student membership.

Full membership to ANITA is open to all Ph.D. graduates (or equivalent) in astronomy, or others who have contributed to the advancement of astronomy through research or education, who are broadly committed to the development of theoretical astrophysics in Australia and ANITA’s specific goals. Student membership is open to undergraduate or Graduate students working towards a degree in astronomy or a related subject.

Current membership in the ASA is required to join.

To apply for ANITA membership, please fill out and submit the following form. An ANITA steering committee member will review your application and contact you via the supplied email address when your registration is confirmed.

When registered your Title, First/Last Name, and Institution will be displayed on the ANITA membership listing here, while all other fields will be kept private.

All enquiries can be made by contacting ANITA at