Massive GPU Supercomputer Announced in Japan

On May 25 2010, HP in partnership with NEC were awarded a contract to build the largest Supercomputer in Japan and Asia Pacific, a supercomputer of 2.4 PetaFlops at the Tokyo Institute of Technology (TiTech). This will be a hybrid CPU/GPU system with over 17,000 CPU cores and 4,200 Nvidia Tesla (fermi) GPGPUs. The combined computing power will be 12 times that of Japan’s current largest supercomputer system that that was recently introduced at the Japan Atomic Energy Agency.

The news is relevant to Australian theoreticians mainly for two reasons:

  1. a scaled down version of this system is a likely candidate for the configuration of the gSTAR CPU/GPU supercomputer that will be available to Australian astrophysicists in 2011;
  2. TiTech have stated that they wish to pursue the spirit of “everyone’s supercomputer” and make their huge computing power available to academic and industry users across the globe.

A press release (Japanese!) on this can be found here, or you may prefer to look here for information on TiTech supercomputing (in English). The new supercomputer is scheduled to be available in late 2010.