2019-2021 ANITA Steering Committee

Following the call for nominations, I am happy to announce that the new ANITA Steering Committee is as follows:

Chair (2018-2020):

Daniel Price (Monash University)

General committee (2018-2020):

Ashley Ruiter (ADFA/UNSW; treasurer)
Ivo Seitenzahl (ADFA/UNSW)
Rhys Poulton (UWA)


Krzysztof Bolejko (UTas; secretary)
Ilya Mandel (Monash; deputy chair)
Ramtin Amintaheri (USyd)

Student representative (2019-2020):
Thomas Venville (Swinburne; webmaster)

Immediate Past Chair:

I would like to thank our outgoing committee members for all of their hard work: Stas Shabala, Roland Crocker, JP Macquart and Jacob Seiler