ANITA Google Hangout Lecture 1 – Friday 3pm (AEST) 26th July 2013

This Friday at 3pm (AEST) ANITA will hold its first online lecture. All are welcome to join! The target audience will range from undergrad to postdoc, however anyone interested is sure to get something out of it.

The lecture will be held through Google Hangouts on Air.

  1. You’ll first need a Google account (e.g. gmail). Log in to it.
  2. If you’ve never done a Google Hangout before you’ll need to install a plugin for your browser. See
  3. On Google+ search for “Anita Chapter” and head to our page.
  4. Alternatively, go directly to our Chapter page here:
  5. You’ll see a post for the Hangout on Air at around 3pm – hit play and enjoy!

Some hints for a better experience:

  • You can breakout the small video window on the Google+ page by opening it in YouTube. This gives you a much bigger view.
  • Post any comments/questions under the video in the comments box on the Google+ or YouTube page.
  • I don’t believe that comments are updated in real time; you may need to reload the page to see the latest.

I’ll be broadcasting video and slides. There’ll be time for questions throughout and at the end. If you have a question please post it as a comment and prefix it with “QUESTION: …” so it stands out. I’ll then try to answer it as best i can.

All lectures will be hosted on our ANITA YouTube page for later viewing. In the coming weeks we’ll set up the appropriate links from the ANITA homepage etc.

Finally, this is a bit of an experiment! Our trial ran fairly smoothly, but please bear with us. Any feedback on your experience will help make future lectures more valuable for all.

Darren Croton