ANITA Townhall Meeting at 2011 ASA ASM

We held an ANITA townhall meeting at this year’s ASA ASM. Here are the minutes of the meeting:

1) Darren presented an overview of …

  • ANITA; it’s intent and purpose
  • our newletters for the past year
  • our demographics. Currently 87 members; 74% male and 43% students
  • our website

2) Daniel presented a discussion of this past year’s meetings and the upcoming ANITA meeting at Monash

  • ANITA 2011 Workshop: 38 participants & 18 talks
  • ANITA 2012 Workshop: 13-14 Feb @ Monash
  • Daniel also announced a computational meeting associated with the ANITA 2012 meeting
  • Symposium on Nuclei in the Cosmos

3) Jarrod presented an update on gSTAR

  • available ~ Sept 2011
  • supplied by SGI
  • 50 GPU nodes
  • QDR Infiniband
  • 40+ GPUs in 2nd phase (late 2011)
  • 75% for national astronomy access
  • any astronomer at a publicly funded institution
  • 50% is merit allocation
  • remainder for general access
  • 1M CPU-hours available on Swinburne system
  • Jarrod also reminded us about the Melbourne HPC GPU workshop @ Monash; July 13-14

4) Luke Hodkinson gave an overview of NCI Support for supercomputing

  • NCI merit allocation schemes
  • NCI support for GPUing software etc
  • Those interested can submit project requests HERE

5) Darren lead a discussion of the Midterm Review recommendation: “Over the period of 2012-2015, under the coordination of ANITA, a strategic plan for theoretical astrophysics should be developed.”

  • Comments from the floor: what is our resource use and research focus now? Only with that knowledge can we say where we are going.
  • ACTION: ensure that computing facilities are acknowledged in publications so that we can collect statistics. In particular: do we have to identify areas to concentrate on?
  • Darren presented ideas from steering committee meeting:
    • Create a strategic plan
    • Submit to the Academy of Science
    • Consultation of both theorists and observers
    • Prepared by ANITA steering committee
    • Input from a (small?) advisory committee
    • This should be a plan for the next 3 years as well as to position theory for the 2015-2025 Decandal Plan
    • Submission date 1st March 2012
  • ACTION: The steering committee will initiate the strategic plan process and begin consultation with the theory community in the next 1-2 months.

The slides from the meeting can be found here: (Download)