Mid-Term Review of the Astronomy Decadal Plan Released

The Astronomy Decadal Plan Mid-Term Review (MTR) has just been completed and provides a detailed snapshot of the current state of astronomy in Australia. The report outlines a number of key recommendations for the community to help us capitalise on upcoming opportunities and navigate the inevitable challenges such opportunities bring.

The review includes sections for theoretical astrophysics and high performance computing. Key recommendations there include:

(Theory): “Over the period 2012–2015, under the coordination of ANITA, a strategic plan for theoretical astrophysics should be developed.”

(HPC) “Astronomy should build an astronomical data fabric that links high-performance resources … to create new opportunities for discovery by Australian researchers based on data flowing from telescopes like SkyMapper, ASKAP and the MWA.”

No doubt ANITA will be heavily involved in both of the above initiatives on your behalf and for your benefit. For a link to the full Mid-Term Review document head over to the online ANITA news room ( anita.edu.au/news/).