MASSIVE supercomputer is open for general use

VPAC advises the exciting new MASSIVE (Multi-modal Australian ScienceS Imaging and Visualisation Environment) supercomputer is open for general use.

MASSIVE is a collaboration of VPAC, the Australian Synchrotron, CSIRO, and Monash University, and is a component of the NCI Specialised Computational Facilities program. Additional funding was provided through the State Government of Victoria.

MASSIVE includes two 42 node IBM iDataplex systems, each having 84 nVidia M2070 GPUs, 504 Intel Westmere compute cores, and 2 TB of memory. Ten nodes are upgraded to advanced M2070Q GPUs and 192 GB memory each, and can be booked for interactive visualisation. Each system has a high performance GPFS parallel file system. Both Linux and Windows HPC Cluster based services are available. Projects and user accounts sponsored by the collaborating institutions can be applied for on-line at

Priority will be given to:

  • researchers who need MASSIVE‚Äôs impressive rendering and visualisation capabilities;
  • members of the characterisation community who will use MASSIVE to reconstruct, analyse and visualise their data;
  • researchers with applications that use GPU acceleration;

Access to MASSIVE is also available Australia-wide through the NCI Merit Allocation Scheme, which opens again in November. To apply for NCI merit access before the next round of merit allocations, please

Further details about MASSIVE are available at and by contacting

For further information on VPAC sponsored access, contact Phil Tannenbaum , VPAC Centre Manager.