VPAC Announce MASSIVE Supercomputer Availability

VPAC is pleased to announce the availability to our Members of the exciting new system known as MASSIVE (Multi-modal Australian ScienceS Imaging and Visualisation Environment) located at the Australian Synchrotron (M1) and Monash University (M2).

MASSIVE is a collaboration between VPAC, the Australian Synchrotron, Monash University, and CSIRO, and is a component of the NCI Specialised Computational Facilities program.

The MASSIVE system consists of of 1,000 CPU-cores and 168 NVIDIA M2070 GPUs and will be open for general use in later March, at a date to be announced. Access can be arranged through your affiliation or collaborations with:

• Victorian University researchers through their VPAC Membership,
• Australian Synchrotron,
• Monash University, and
• NCI Merit Allocation (NCI Specialised Facility in Imaging and Visualisation).

Priority will be given to researchers needing MASSIVE’s impressive rendering and visualisation capabilities, including applications that are enabled to use GPUs (CUDA or OpenGL).

VPAC encourages users to develop and test their applications on the enrico node having dual C2050 GPUs, in preparation for access to MASSIVE. Visit the information page for more information on enrico.

The MASSIVE user environment will reflect VPAC systems, but neither M1 nor M2 will be integrated into VPAC. MASSIVE will have a comprehensive suite of software for imaging and visualisation, and support services in high performance computing, computational imaging, and visualisation. Additional applications that can take advantage of the systems can be requested.

Further details about the project are available at www.massive.org.au or by contacting info@massive.org.au

For the complete announcement of this system please visit the news page at www.vpac.org