Nuclei in the Cosmos, ’12

The Australian (and New Zealand) astronomy, nuclear physics, and earth science community has won the bid to have Australia host the 12th Nuclei in the Cosmos (NICXII) meeting in 2012. This is a prestigious multi-disciplinary symposium and the premier international meeting on Nuclear Astrophysics. It is held every two years and attracts about 300 scientists from around the world. Nuclei in the Cosmos brings together nuclear experimentalists, nuclear theorists, astronomers, theoretical astrophysicists, cosmochemists, and others interested in the scientific questions at the interface of nuclear physics and astrophysics.

For more information on the conference you can visit the webpage for this year’s event which was held in Heidelberg, Germany: Sessions covered topics such as: the Big Bang, chemical evolution, stars, compact objects, supernovae, meteoritic analysis, and gamma-ray observations.

Australia has a large and growing community in Nuclear Astrophysics; 19 researchers from 7 different institutions and several major sponsors, including ANU, Monash, Swinburne, and AAO, were involved in the preparation of the bid.

The conference will be held at the Cairns Convention Centre from 5/8/2012 to 10/8/2012. The meeting will be contiguous with the Meteoritical Society meeting in Cairns (the week after) and close to the International Astronomical Union General Assembly in China (starting on the 20/8/2012). Preceeding NICXII there will be a week-long school for PhD students.

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