N-body School

19th to 21st of February 2014 at the Sydney Institute for Astronomy.

The primary purpose of the ANITA/ASA series of theory schools is to educate students – PhD level and top undergraduates – and early career researchers in essential areas of computational astrophysics and to widen their skill base.

The focus of the 2014 ANITA/ASA Summer School will be ‘Astrophysical N-body Simulations’. N-body simulations are now well established as a powerful tool in numerical astrophysics, in areas as diverse as galaxy evolution and cosmology, star cluster evolution and planet formation. Presenters will include Chris Power (ICRAR/UWA), Jarrod Hurley (Swinburne) and Sarah Maddison (Swinburne) covering the GADGET2 (approx. 2 days), NBODY6 (approx. 1/2 day) and SWIFT (approx. 1/2 day) codes, respectively.

The school with cover techniques and resources for use in astrophysical N-body simulations. Topics covered will include:

  • A hands-on introduction to setting up and running the GADGET2, NBODY6 and SWIFT codes;
  • Generating initial conditions for planetary, star cluster, galaxy and cosmology simulations;
  • Introduction to publicly available analysis and visualisation tools;
  • Hands-on programming classes to analyse data produced by the codes (primarily GADGET2).

Be aware that we may need to cap numbers at approximately 60 participants in which case priority will be given to students.

Please go to the Registration form to register, where we encourage you to also sign-up for the preceding ANITA 2014 Theory Workshop.