A New Window on Inflation – David Parkinson

Title: A New Window on Inflation: Cosmological Perturbations and Gravitational Waves


Speaker: David Parkinson, University of Queensland (d.parkinson AT uq.edu.au)


Date: 1pm (AEST) Wednesday 11th June 2014


Abstract: The theory of Cosmological Inflation states that the early universe underwent a period of massive accelerated expansion. It predicts the existence of primordial density perturbations and gravitational waves, as well as solving certain other problems with the standard model of the Big Bang. This talk will present the observational predictions of Inflation, and show why the results from the BICEP2 provide strong evidence for such a theory.


Additional Material: Talk slides are available for download here.


Link to Lecture: You can find the lecture on YouTube here, or on Google+ here.